Python 3


"The first Python course that simply amazed me. Very well explained and easy to understand." (Alexandru Cosmin)

"The best Python course in Romania." (Iulian Geană)

Whether you have programming experience or not, this online course is specially tailored for you to become a Pythonist 😉!

The Python 3 language is widely used today, being very [popular], simple to learn, and easy to use.

Unlike other programming languages, Python 3 is quickly understood, right from the start. Do you want to learn to program in Python quickly from any device? Then you've come to the right place!

Who is this course for?

Middle and high school students
Computer Science and IT teachers
Students at relevant faculties
Anyone interested in the Python language / career change
Anyone who wants to start with an easy coding language
Learn a new programming language at any age!

Available Online Lessons
10+ sections 20+ lessons 150+ pages

Below you will find the link to the comprehensive list of all interactive lessons designed for any Python beginner:
Online Certificate
Study the lessons and theoretical elements, analyze the solved and proposed problems, complete the multiple-choice tests (pay attention to the grades) ... and obtain the Diploma for Junior Python Programmer. 😀

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Problem Collection

Attempt to solve as many problems or exercises as possible, as it is incredibly valuable to apply and practice the programming principles covered in the interactive Python 3 lessons.

You can also add, as a MasterPy member, exercises, various problems for users, or small projects that provide a boost to those just starting out!

Mobile Friendly

You can access this course from anywhere and on any device, as the Python 3 programming environment is fully integrated and optimized for mobile use. No additional software installation is required; just learn. Try out the console or the online code editor below:
Why Python 3?
Python is simple and minimalist, close to pseudocode in English, allowing the focus to be on finding the solution to the problem, not on using the language itself.

The Python language is free, [popular], open-source, and strongly object-oriented.

Version 3 is the current one – no one wants to learn or use a language that is fading away... Once you learn version 3, you will be able to quickly adapt to a project that has already been implemented in version 2.
Information For Parents
Starting from middle school, students learn programming at school. Unlike other languages, Python 3 has a simplified syntax to make writing code much easier! It is perfect for beginners, friendly, and forward-looking.

Studying the Python programming language offers middle and high school students numerous significant advantages, contributing to their personal and professional development in an increasingly digital and technological world.

Modern students study Python 3!

Who Are We?
Infobits Academy has been offering school textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and supplementary materials that comply with the school curriculum, online applications, as well as Computer Science and IT courses for over 30 years, useful for anyone who wants to prepare in these fields. We want everyone to learn programming with Python 3 in an enjoyable and accessible way. Good luck!

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