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"The first Python course that simply amazed me. Very well explained and easy to understand." (Alexandru Cosmin)

"The best Python course in Romania." (Iulian Geană)

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Why this Online Course?

Do you want to learn to program with Python? Then you have come to the right place!

Discover the most accessible and effective online course for beginners. You will have full access to interactive and engaging lessons, practical projects, and you will learn to write elegant and efficient code in just a few weeks, all specially designed for beginners. Just a few useful facts about us:

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Career change? Don't hesitate, sign up now and turn your dream into reality! See if programming suits you, without paying hefty sums. Become a skilled programmer with a Junior Programmer certificate (quick upload to LinkedIn) and attract employers' attention with your new skills.

How can you get a premium account?

If you already have a free account, you can purchase a lifetime subscription upgrade (9.99$) which grants you full access to the content on our platform. After the order is completed, your subscription will be automatically activated by the system, and you will be able to study at your leisure.


Who is this course for?

Middle school and high school students
Computer Science and IT teachers
Students at relevant faculties
Anyone interested in learning the Python language
Anyone who wants to start with an easy-to-learn programming language
Learn a new programming language at any age!

Educational portfolio / useful certificate for CV

Each person who has completed this course is prepared to develop simple algorithms to solve classic programming problems and move to the next level, to deepen the learning of this language, as well as obtaining an Entry Level position with Python.

After completing the course, you will also receive a

Junior Programmer Certificate

The certificate matters for your CV, and our company has 31 years of experience, with a reputation in the IT&C field. Our authors and collaborators are dedicated to the educational process, with a wide pedagogical experience and authors of school textbooks and supplementary materials approved by the Ministry of Education.

Price Discounts / B2B

🍎 For classes of students and student groups, we offer significant discounts in the form of group packages (+1 for the teacher). Request a personalized offer at


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Python 3 is super cool!
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