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"The first Python course that simply amazed me. Very well explained and easy to understand." (Alexandru Cosmin)

"The best Python course in Romania." (Iulian Geană)

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The for / while Statements
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Proposed Exercises

1. Johnny deposited the amount of s dollars in the bank. The interest rate is p% per month. What amount does Johnny have after k months? The program will read s, p, k and display the required amount.

2. A natural number is read. Can it be decomposed into squares? Example: 13 is read. Answer: Yes (because 32+22=13).

3. Print all prime numbers between two read natural numbers.

4. The n digits of a natural number are read in order. Construct and display the formed number. Example: if 6, 7, 3 are read, then 673 will be displayed.

5. A natural number n is read. Display the number of digits it is composed of. Example: if 1078 is read, 4 will be displayed.

Miniproject. Read a list of real numbers from the keyboard until the digit 0 is encountered. Print "a report" containing: the number of elements, how many are positive, how many are negative, and the sum of the elements!
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Console / Output done

In any field you work in, or if you are a student, your programs must read and display information easily, with clear hints and helpful information.

Behind the scenes, in the code, is your program – the processing! But the user needs ONLY elegant and intuitive inputs and outputs.

Therefore, pay attention to the information you request, how you present it, and what you communicate!
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