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"The first Python course that simply amazed me. Very well explained and easy to understand." (Alexandru Cosmin)

"The best Python course in Romania." (Iulian Geană)

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The IF Conditional Statement
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Proposed Exercises

For better understanding, solve the following tasks:

1. Write a program that checks if a classmate/user knows the multiplication table. The student is asked what 7 x 8 is, and after their answer, the computer will respond with an appropriate message.

2. A real number x is read. Evaluate the expression:

3. Four integers are read. Determine if they are distinct (i.e., no two numbers are equal).

Hint. Compare the first number with all the others, the second with the following ones, the third with the fourth. If no comparison results in equality, print the appropriate message...

4. Three real values a, b, c are read. Determine if they can be the sides of a triangle.

5. Three 3 integers are read. Print, if it exists, the number that is equal to the sum of the other two.
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